Windmills. Tulips. Wooden clogs with pointed tips. Folk costume.... These are the symbols of Netherlands (or Holland) - an Europe country that I yet set foot on, though I've been to this part of the world for almost 1o times. The beautiful images of the country was the backdrop of the Hongkong drama (僵). Of course, I'm not there to seek exciting encounters withe the vampires, but the beautiful landscape that also comes with the architecture (both old and new).

Stay Connected to Home

"You are watching BBC live now from Singapore"
Sounds familiar?

That's what we get to hear at this unearthly hour - when the other side of the globe (when I am now) is sleeping. Nice to see that familiar face and hear that familiar voice when wake up in the foreign land. Always feel close to home with BBC when overseas, since those good old days in Bhutan more than a decade ago.

Good morning, Singapore 🇸🇬

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