Windmills. Tulips. Wooden clogs with pointed tips. Folk costume.... These are the symbols of Netherlands (or Holland) - an Europe country that I yet set foot on, though I've been to this part of the world for almost 1o times. The beautiful images of the country was the backdrop of the Hongkong drama (僵). Of course, I'm not there to seek exciting encounters withe the vampires, but the beautiful landscape that also comes with the architecture (both old and new).

Day 1 (20170606) Arrived. Checked in.

Arrived at Schiphol Airport.
No immigration card needed to be filled.
Signage was clear.
Cleared immigration in about 15 minutes.
Baggage collected in another 15 minutes.
It's so easy to navigate 😄


It's easy to get to the train station but would be good to seek advice from the service desk.
Information available in the website is good for planning, but there are other options to reach the same destination.

The train network and efficiency is similar to the Japanese. Got an idea how it's like?

Indeed, it helps a lot when all the tickets were purchased prior departure.
Owing to the fact that no check-in was required from the train station at the airport and it was a smooth transfer from the train platform to the metro platform at Amstel, I was stuck when need to exit at the Weesperplein metro station. There! I noticed that there's a red round "SOS" button at the exit! Haha...  the station personnel was helpful 👍 Oh, not forgetting the helpful young chap who showed band brought me to the metro platform when I was a bit lost - not knowing if there's a need to check-out the train station first then check-in to the metro station. I'm also thankful to the passerby who picked up my travel pass when I dropped it without noticing.

Am really grateful to these helpful people whom I met in Day 1.

It was also pretty happening when making the return trip from the Central station to the hotel. Burning smell and smoke at the train platform! All passengers left. My immediate reaction was - ! I did not plan for alternative return route! So, what can go wrong can go wrong!  There's when I went back to the map.

Well, I decided to wait instead, but the hour would be spent in the canal cruise 😉
Not bad an idea! The metro was back to service when I returned an hour after.


This day is about orientation, which I think it's important since I would be here for a week.

The next most commonly used public transport s the tram.
Took tram line 2, the famous line that was highlighted in the IAMsterdam site.
It's clear and easy to access.

Similarly, the free ferry that operated between central station and the northern "islands"


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