Windmills. Tulips. Wooden clogs with pointed tips. Folk costume.... These are the symbols of Netherlands (or Holland) - an Europe country that I yet set foot on, though I've been to this part of the world for almost 1o times. The beautiful images of the country was the backdrop of the Hongkong drama (僵). Of course, I'm not there to seek exciting encounters withe the vampires, but the beautiful landscape that also comes with the architecture (both old and new).

Day 0 (20170606) Hi, we are from Singapore

The flight was almost fully booked.
Most of the passengers were non-Asian. An elderly Chinese couple holding on to the Sinapore passport queued just behind me.

There! In the plane, they sat beside me! What a coincidence. And Mrs Lim looked relieved. She shared that they were heading to Netherlands for the first time, after thinking of going for almost 30 years. In fact, their son would be joining them after the France trip.
[Afternote: They must be so relieved to see their son on arrival as the Paris shooting at Notre Dame]

Mrs Lim was impressed when heard that I planned and travelled solo as she expressed her worry and concern when her son embarked on a solo trip this time. I guess, she became more aware now that this is a growing trend, and is in particular among the younger travellers. On another note, I could empathize with her as my parents would had the same experience when I went to Bhutan on my own.

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